Image of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the Rome Day Tours sun pattern.

Rome Day Tours

-Rome Day Tours is dedicated to providing you and your family and friends the Highest Quality Personalized Walking Tours in Rome and the Vatican.

-Experienced, educated, native English speaking and Officially Licensed Tour Guide of Rome. With only a few hours or several days, Rome Day Tours will make the History of Rome come alive! The sun-like upper background ("Day" tours) is a visual of "shedding light" contextually upon Rome's amazing attributes.
Touring through the Vatican on a very hot summer day, with Rich holding an ice pack!

About Rome Day Tours:

American Rich Brunn started this company in 2004 while teaching Roman Topography (Ancient) and Medieval/ Renaissance Roman and European History at St. Stephen's high school in Rome.

While previously managing to support his own education since 2000 as a professional Rome tour guide, he wanted to give people a professional and also a more personable means of contacting him directly and is one of the few American's to also become a Licensed Guide of Rome. The main goal of this website: allow you to get to know, contact and tour with me personally.

Benefits of Rich's Tour in Rome?

Rome has a seemingly endless list of important Emperors, Popes, Artists and Architects that have played some major role in creating this multi-layered topography. Rome Day Tours with Rich Brunn helps bring together many of Rome's apparently isolated monuments into a logical and memorable whole for the casual visitor/ tourist.

We'll see how Rome's monuments are such an interesting reflection of the changing cultural, political and religious dynamics that produced them over the centuries. It's also helpful that our Rome Tours are able to move right past large groups and get tickets in advance at even such crowded places as the Colosseum.

Tours are fun, personalized (so as fast or slow as you desire), reasonably priced, informative and interesting.

Rome Day Tours Prices

If possible, any tour can be kept private: for only an additional 70 euro.
Total Price: 200 euro for a couple and 300 euro for a small family.
These prices are per itinerary, but I offer a 10% discount if doing at least 2 tours along with offering people
the opportunity for even an additional 10% discount if they were to share their private touring experience.

I generally find that any one of my itineraries are usually best done in about 3-4 hours, that people almost always greatly enjoy sharing their private touring experience with just a few other friendly individuals and I'm always happy to work with interested people to potentially make things more reasonable if necessary as I consider my prices more of as general guidelines rather than anything too strict.

Send Rich your request: - Mobile #: +39-3939-856-817 - US SkypeIn Line: (412)567-6968